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Paul is a native Scotsman now settled in Northern Ireland with his wife, two large dogs and a cranky cat.  His grown up daughter lives with her son, 'the boy', in Scotland and although only twenty miles of water separate them, Paul hopes his new career will give him more, much needed, family time!


Paul has had a varied career: a twenty-two year stint in the British Army, followed by several months as a prison guard and finally eight years as a constable in the Police Service of Northern Ireland all of which has given Paul a unique life experience. He has combined this experience with his love of science fiction and he embarked on his new career as an Indie Sci Fi Writer in 2014.


Paul says:

"I was born in Johnstone, Renfrewshire, Scotland in 1967.  I joined the British Army in 1985 at the grand old age of seventeen and a half. After completing my initial training I joined the British Army's elite parachute force, 5 Airborne Brigade, spending four years there until moving on to various intelligence and signals units for the remainder of my twenty-two year's service. During my career I served in many areas of operations including: Africa, the Balkans, Central America, Northern Ireland, the Middle East and South East Asia.


I have been a fan of science fiction since my school days, my reading tastes have developed to include all things military, past, future and alternate history.


I wrote my first story in 2013 and with the help of my wife, Sarah, I self-published DISCOVERY OF THE SAIPH in 2014. Unbelievably, after the release of SEARCH FOR THE SAIPH, the second installment of the series, and just one year later - Discovery of the Saiph and Search for the Saiph became number one Amazon Best Sellers!


I've since gone on to publish my Saiph series as Audiobooks through Tantor Media, and I'm very pleased to say that Tantor Media have optioned 'LEGACY OF THE SAIPH, book 4' of the Saiph series and the complete series of my new military SF series 'The K'Tai War'.  The K'tai War trilogy comprises of INVASION, RESISTANCE and finally SECESSION. The first book in this exciting new series will be ready for release in Winter 2016/17.


I'm also extremely pleased to announce that Retropunk (, a Brazillian small press and game publisher have optioned the Saiph Series and will soon be publishing the series in Portuguese.


And, as if all of my publishing successes weren't already enough, I've recently become an acquiring editor for Space Dock ( a publishing imprint of Tickety Boo Press. I am keen to help other science fiction writers achieve success and I am certain that Space Dock is the first step in doing this.


I am a member of a fantastic writing community on facebook and love to hear from writers and readers - so please join me there, you can friend me at


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